Here’s the scoop – we believe Vaia’s Plant-Based Protein is the best vegan protein ever created. While our team is definitely biased, here are a few facts in our favor:


1. Our proprietary three-protein blend is anchored by the protein-packed, fiber heavyweight fava bean. We then add in mung bean, another nutritious legume, and pea protein to complete this supplement equivalent of the 1992 Dream Team.

2. Because of this unique protein blend, our protein won’t clump or lump the way other proteins do, even when just stirred with a spoon and water.

3. Each scoop also contains just 3g of net carbs and 20% of your daily dietary fiber.

4. We use no sugar, instead opting for other natural sweeteners including cocoa powder and monk fruit extract.

5. Finally, all of our products are made and packaged in the USA, with the highest quality ingredients.


We get it – there’s a lot of protein powder out there. But many of our competitors blends are cut with cheap soy or rice protein, or they just haven’t figured out the right blend at all, resulting in a chalky or clumpy drinking experience. Not with Vaia. We’ve cracked the protein powder code using only high-quality ingredients without sacrificing taste or convenience.